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What is Attentat 1942?

Attentat 1942 is a narrative driven serious game that explores the Nazi occupation of Prague during the Second World War, and the assassination (or “attentat”) of the Deputy Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich. The game blends historically accurate interviews with educational mini-games, interactive comics, and authentic documentary footage.

Do you battle against Nazis?

No. This is not an action game. Rather than focusing on fantastical scenarios and extraordinary feats of heroism, students assume the role of a young person in the present day who learns about the history of the occupation from the perspective of “everyday people.” As the game progresses, students have different opportunities to “relive” the memories of the characters they meet, and judge for themselves the difficult choices they were forced to make during the occupation.

Is this a video game about the Holocaust?

Yes and no. We intentionally avoid “gamifying” experiences of the Holocaust, but we do provide students with sensitive and historically accurate opportunities to learn about the Holocaust through survivor testimonies and flashbacks. Every detail in our game, including an expansive in-game encyclopedia, has been carefully researched and peer-reviewed by a team of Czech and American historians.

Is Attentat 1942 appropriate for educational settings?

Yes. Attentat 1942 is designed by academics and teachers. It has great potential as a classroom tool. The lessons we offer in our curriculum guide will provide you with concrete examples of how to effectively implement the game in a variety of educational settings, from high school surveys to college seminars. Through these lessons, students will learn important lessons about the Nazi Occupation of Prague, the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, and the Holocaust.

Can I test Attentat 1942 before I purchase additional copies, or require students to purchase copies?

Yes! Please contact us at for complimentary evaluation license and instructions on how to install it on your Mac or PC. We will also include a free PDF copy of our curriculum guide to review with the game.

How do students purchase copies of the game?

Students can purchase a personal copy of the game. We also offer discounted educational licenses that teachers or schools can purchase and distribute in bulk. The license allows you to install the game on a set number of computers on or off campus, including computers that are not property of the school itself.


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